Our mission

Hey there!

my name is Sam and together with my girlfriend, I am on a quest to restore the beauty of this old abandoned Italian villa from 1895. It has received no love for a decade, so now it’s time to bring back its beauty and reveil its rich history.

The goal of this project is to show that with limited financial means and a lot of optimism we can resurrect the beauty of this abandoned villa in a green and sustainable way. But most of all we hope to share everything that we learn from what we encounter and enjoy it whilst we’re at it.

Join us as we have to let go of our Dutch habits to fit in out Italian surroundings, were the word ‘plan’ gets redefined and our tastebuds are awakened.

The renovation of the historic Villa Oliva relies on our dedication, energy and love. That’s why we decided to go all in and devote the upcoming years of our lives to renovating this beautiful villa. Literally every euro we have saved in our relatively short lives, goes into this project. Therefore we are back to eating dry bread, canned soup and water, like in our student days.

This is where you come in, if you want to prolong our mission you can financially support it here. More food = more energy = more work done (= ideal situation)

We appreciate your support immensely, be it via this platform, videos, our website or other. Thank you so much for being part of this adventure!